Spectral Sensitivity

Reloading, not rebuilding

A couple of weeks ago my friend Ellen Daniels texted me Do you want all this pack film that I have? THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION IS BELOW.

Jackson, Mississippi, Polaroid Land Camera 440 with Fuji FP-3000b (exp. Nov. 2014) (2021)

It’s been years since I worked with pack film and it was a delight to realize my hands still remembered the pulls and pinches and peel from the number of it all. The shiny, inky blacks of the 3000 film have begun to fade to a greyer matte, ghosts around the edges, which I really love. I’m excited to see what happens with it.

I’M ALSO EXCITED because football season officially started and I got to watch Bama hammer Miami (A DELIGHTFUL THEME).

THIS REVIEW (and the comments) about Deafheaven’s new album Infinite Granite really sums up my feelings about Sunbather (a beautiful masterpiece) and my hesitation about the latest record (which I pre-ordered the day it was announced in June). I worked to shed my metal-based expectations and finally began a full listen last night, with another this morning. I’m enjoying it more than expected, in a gentle waves rushing onto the shore type way, as opposed to obliterating waves scouring my consciousness way.

SUPER HYPED for the new Sally Rooney. That’s all I have to say about that!!

LAST WEEK I MAY HAVE GOOGLED when does great british bake off return. Maybe soon! It looks like they’ve finished filming! Will it debut in “the States” (British term) at the same time or will we all have to wait?! Thankfully there’s now college football so I won’t remember, since this googling was done pre-Bama-smashing-of-Miami.

THIS MORNING I scanned a whole bunch of Polaroids from a trip to Beale Street last year. But those’ll have to wait! I also have a 2003-era mixtape primed at some point. There’s still a lot of boxes to unpack. I hope you have a good week. AS ALWAYS I am gorjusjxn on Instagram, and you can see more Polaroids at McCartyPolaroids.